Call of Victory - The great war rages in Europe! Head to the front and pull no punches against the enemies!

Dive right into the greatest conflict of the 20th century in Call of Victory. Command your own Battalion and lead your troops to victory in this real-time strategic game. Take on the role of a General and fight alongside your brethren as you strive to shape history. Reclaim conquered territories and restore order to the once peaceful land.

  1. ART OF STRATEGY AND QUICK WIT!: Set in World War II, the game tests your strategic and tactical abilities as you deploy your own troops. Keep in mind that units specializing in espionage can be used to keep an eye on enemy forces. Only if you master your strategies and utilize your troops wisely will you be able to take the field and secure a victory.
  2. NUMEROUS SOLDIERS FOR YOUR FIGHT! : Control and deploy more than 50 different and authentic units from the period. At your headquarters, you will be able to recruit powerful squad types (such as riflemen, snipers, pyros, grenadier, rocket soldiers,etc.) to win the war. Each with their own unique specialties. Fight against your circle friends through Google Game Service, or challenge other online players all around the world on the challenging leader-boards.
  3. HISTORICAL ARMORS AT YOUR DISPOSAL!: Dozens of WW2 ultimate armored machine (such as M4 Sherman, M26 Pershing, T95, Pz.Kpfw. V Panther, Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger, Jagdpanther) and a handful of authentic air-support units (like B17 or JU87, etc.) are at your disposal. Unlock more than 30 achievements to upgrade your units and strengthen your armies. Enjoy the fun of collection!
  4. ONE MINUTE TRAINING, FIVE MINUTES MASTERING!: It’s easy to get started and to keep going. Simple tap and line-drawing controls make the game accessible to all gamers. Online multiplayer, as well as a lengthy campaign and skirmish options in challenging maps with unparalleled visuals are available (city, mountain, country and forest). Once you make your first tank and decimate the field, you will be hooked.

To play online requires a wi-fi or internet connection.

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