TNK Tank Legion

Tank Legion - Enjoy the fast and furious blitz wars!

Immerse yourself in a world of armored tank battles. Choose from a wide range of famous tanks of the major combatants. Pick the best tank and blast your way across the battlefield. Defeat your enemies with force and strategic decisions! And lead your team on a glorious road to victory!

Game Features:

  1. Wide selection of famous WWII tanks: Tiger, T-34, M4 Sherman, Maus, M46 Patton and many more.
  2. Upgrade components and modules to max out your tanks strategically to make it deadly iron force.
  3. Customize your tanks with cool camouflages and pattern designs for a competitive edge.
  4. Dynamic 7vs7 battles and nonstop action in different modes: Skirmish, Capture the Base and Ranked Matches. Event mode: Free for All, Protect the Flag, Last Man Standing and Last Team Standing.
  5. Roam around and explore realistic stunning battlefields and spectacular 3D graphics.
  6. Intuitive automatic and manual controls that will be appreciated by novices and hardcore gamers alike.
  7. Complete daily quests and compete in Hero Pass season event to win awesome and exclusive rewards.
  8. Create legions and invite like-minded friends to join, and ranked up in team championship. Dominate in Empire war to become the best legion ever.

Note: Tank Legion requires an Internet connection to play (3G/4G or WIFI).

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